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ABOUT US | Central Office

The central offices of The Lutheran Care Network are located in Westchester County, N.Y.

277 North Ave. Suite 201
New Rochelle, N.Y.
Phone: 914-365-6365
Fax: 914-365-6371

Frank Tripodi
President & CEO

Laraine Fellegara, CPA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Patrice Barrett
Executive Assistant to the CEO & CFO

Janet George
Church & Community Relations

Jeanine Kurtz, R.N.
Director of Performance Improvement & Corporate Compliance

Susan Cadoff, R.N., MPA
Vice President of Home Care and Community Services

Jim Mooney
Director of MIS

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Compliance Program

The Lutheran Care Network has developed a Compliance Program to maintain and enforce a system of accountability with Compliance Standards, Facility Policies and Procedures, and all applicable laws and regulations in order to prevent fraud, waste or abuse in Medicare and Medicaid programs. In addition, we are committed to meeting the highest ethical standards in carrying out our mission to provide quality care.

Code of Conduct
We are committed to providing quality and clinically appropriate care to our residents; conducting ourselves in the most professional, legal and ethical manner with regard to all healthcare and business practices; and complying with applicable Federal and State laws and regulations that govern the healthcare services that we provide. 

Compliance Officer
The Compliance Officer is responsible for oversight of the Compliance Program. The Compliance Officer can be reached at 914-365-6365 (Ext. 7307).

Compliance Reporting Requirements
All staff is encouraged, and has a responsibility, to assist in combating fraud, waste and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid programs. All Lutheran Care Network staff who believe that there may have been a violation of our Code of Conduct are encouraged to promptly report the matter to their supervisor, Human Resources, or to the Compliance Office.  Complaints may also be directed to the appropriate State and Federal Government Agencies. Failure to report knowledge of wrongdoing may result in disciplinary action against those that fail to report. 

Compliance Hotline
The Compliance Hotline has been established as a confidential reporting system for staff, residents, or family members to report potential compliance problems or to raise concerns. Callers to the hotline may remain anonymous, if desired.  The phone numbers to the Compliance Hotlines are posted in each facility, as well as this website.

Good Samaritan Village, Delmar, NY -- 518-475-9149.
 Lutheran Care Center at Poughkeepsie, NY—845-486-9494 (Press 2, then 3)
There will be no reprisals or retaliation for reporting of any actual or possible violations (whistle blowing), unless it is determined that Staff intentionally reported false information.  Retaliation against any individual that has reported a complaint or concern, in good faith, is not only a violation of the Compliance Program, but it is also against applicable law.   Proper disciplinary action, including possible termination, may be taken against anyone that retaliates against a person that reports a legitimate compliance concern.