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FOR CONGREGATIONS | Linking Care to Congregations
The Linking Care in Congregations for Older Adults program is designed to bring together selected members from regional congregations and the professional resources of The Lutheran Care Network in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and on Long Island. The relationship established between the local congregations and The Lutheran Care Network will empower congregation members to support the older members of their church using several avenues: 
  • Educational initiatives such as health and wellness events
  • Training for the volunteer in outreach for personal contact and socialization of older adult members
  • Coordination of community services for maintenance of good health and safe living conditions. 

The goal of the program is to allow the older congregation member to stay healthy and independent within their home and congregation for longer periods of time.

Project Design & Implementation

The regional congregations selected to participate in this program will each form a Parish Health Committee, selecting the appropriate members to serve on the committee.  In the smaller congregation, it may be only one person who serves as the contact.  The members of the health committee should be persons who are active in the congregation and already have or are willing to establish a social relationship with the elderly members of the church.  The pastor of the congregation will be an integral part of the process, helping to identify the elderly who could benefit from health care and social support, and participating in the selection and training of the parish health volunteers.

The interaction of The Lutheran Care Network staff and the Parish Health Committee will happen on several levels.  The first steps will be to provide the health committee members with orientation and training in the following areas:
  • Basic needs assessment of the older adults
  • Interview and listening skills
  • Procedures for accessing services and community support
  • Record keeping/confidentiality
  • Determining the congregational program direction and scope

If your congregation is interested in participating in “Linking Care”, please contact Janet George at 914-365-6365, ext 7308