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Mission & History

The Lutheran Care Network is a ministry of healing, hospitality and community through partnerships in caring.

Our Philosophy

For nearly 150 years The Lutheran Care Network, formerly Wartburg Lutheran Services, has been caring for senior residents.

We have a long, rich history and a trusted relationship with many families. We don’t take any of this for granted. We understand that quality care and respect for people are first and foremost, especially today as the paradigm of senior care is changing. With senior citizens living longer, healthier lives, the need for services that meet their new requirements for care will grow. At the same time, we understand that families, already busy with jobs, children, and lives of their own, want the gold standard in care for their loved ones, without worry. We understand that families want to work with an organization that cares about their needs, too, and respects their commitments and time.

TLCN staff is committed to quality care, including respect for an individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The well-being of people come first – before any bottom line, insurance reimbursement, ability to pay, or morass of paperwork.

As a church-affiliated organization, we’re not in the business of warehousing seniors. Because of that, many of our residents are living more capable lives at older ages. 

A ministry of the Lutheran Church, we strive to treat people with the care and concern taught by the Judeo-Christian traditions we uphold.  Although Lutheran is in our name, people of all faiths call us home.  We are happy to serve people of all faith traditions in our residences and programs.