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The Lutheran Care Network Board of Directors

The Lutheran Care Network is guided by volunteer board members who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication to the board room. In addition to our TLCN Board of Directors, TLCN is advised by three additional boards. These directors usually live near our sites and are familiar with the local communtity.

The Lutheran Care Network Board Members


John Mesloh, Chair

Peter Mazer, Secretary

Rev. Jeffrey Koenig

Rev. Brian E. McWeeney

Thomas Roemke

John Shane

William Teator

Laraine Fellegara, TLCN CEO


Coburg Village Board Members

Art Upright, Chair

Ed Kleinke, Secretary

Grace Hokanson, Resident Representative

John Mesloh, TLCN Board Representative

Rev. Adam Wiegand


Mid-Hudson Board Members - Lutheran Care Center, Castle Court, The King's Apartments, Good Samaritan

Rev. Jeffrey Koenig, Chair and TLCN Board Representative

Steven Jones, Secretary

Dr. Abby Dux

Nancy Graf-Peters

Charlie North

Rev. Brian McWeeney, TLCN Board Representative


Downstate Board Members - Martin Luther Court, Martin Luther Terrace Apartments, Lutheran Home for the Aging

Peter Mazer, Chair and TLCN Board Representative

Jim Regan, Secretary

Judith Benke

Rev. Alfred Thiagarajan